6-12 MONTH
Rs. 500 / 300/Month
With the rise in technology use and of contemporary communication in media, typing is a skill we should all learn. More people are using computers for both work-related and personal activities, such as writing emails, reports and other documents, sending instant messages, and chatting on social media. More corporate, promotional, educational, and web-based materials are also being created. Plus, more audio and video recordings are being transcribed. This calls for the ability to type quickly and accurately.

In the modern world, fast and accurate typing isn’t only essential, it also provides a range of benefits.

How do you learn to type ?

The first step is to learn which keys are associated with each finger.
The next step is learning how to place your fingers on the keyboard. For example, touch-typing has a starting position (aka home position) for your hands.
For your left hand, starting from the little finger, place your fingers on the letters A, S, D, and F.
For your right hand, starting from the little finger, place your fingers on the colon/semicolon key and the letters L, K, and J.
Your thumbs rest on the space bar. From there, you’ll have your fingers reach for specific other keys. Then it’s time to start typing.

The importance of accurate typing in modern life

A fast typing speed and high accuracy rate are both important for people who work as a transcriptionist, journalist, writer, receptionist, data entry clerk or secretary to the CEO, but accuracy is more important. If you’re learning to touch-type, the main focus should be on typing more accurately rather than typing quickly. After all, if you applied your touch-typing skills for work-related or personal activities, you wouldn’t want to retype the entire text you’ve written or waste time and energy fixing your mistakes. You should aim for an accuracy rate beyond 95%, but preferably 100%.

The benefits of learning how to type quickly and accurately

  • Save time
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve your posture and prevent injuries
  • Improve your focus
  • Increase productivity
  • Find more earning opportunities