Tally Mobile


ELIGIBILITY & REQUIREMENT 10+2 or equivalent with D.C.A
DURATION 3 Months / 6 Month
FEE Rs. 4500
COURSE TYPE Regular mode

TALLY (Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards)

If you are not a student of commerce or math, and you think that you cannot learn Tally, then, take this confusion out of your mind because even you can also learn Tally.

In the early days, we have seen that in every business sector place, there was a person called “MUNIM JI” sitting to look after the business transaction manually on a copy or Diary (Bahikhata) in which everything has been mentioned such as who has taken or borrowed money, from where the business has taken money, where the money has been transferred due to which reasons, who has returned the borrowed money and etc. Nowadays this Tally software is the advanced digital platform of Bahikhata. Tally is not only used for businesses, you can even use this software for your home purposes such as rent management, loan management, general store monthly bill management and etc.

A TALLY (Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards) is an accounting software by which we calculate every aspect of business transactions easily. With this software application, we can know the status of the business profit / Loss status. It is software which is made by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. whose head office is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Now a day after Tally ERP, its latest version Tally Prime has been released.

Generally, the eligibility criteria for doing this course is 10+2 and the duration of the Tally course ranges around 1-3 months. But the Tally course duration varies from one academic institution to another. Usually, the total course can be done with a fee of Rs.8000 – Rs.10000 depending upon the criteria of the institution.

The different topics covered in Tally are Accounting Basics

Ledger Account

Types Of Accounts and their rules

Journal Entry

Ledger Entry

Final Statement

How to start Tally

Creating Company in Tally

Features of F11

Exit from Tally

Creating Account Group

Voucher Type and Entry


Accounting Reports

Credit Limits

Users and Passwords

Export and Import of Data

Banking in Tally

Inventory in Tally Prime

Stock Group Creation

Introduction, Creating a company for payroll.

Creating payroll Masters

Creating payroll Units

Defining Salary Structure

Payroll reports

GST and its Benefits

Registration under GST

Creating a company in Tally for GST

Activating GST in Tally

GST Classification

Creating Stock groups and items in GST

Creating party ledgers, purchase and sale ledgers in GST.

E-way bill system

GST reports

Jobs after Tally

Accounting clerk

Account Associates

Accounts Executive

Accounts Officer

Account Supervisor

Tally Operator

Tax Accountant