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Our country is among those groups which is having the largest population in the age group of 5 – 25. So, due to this large population, there are plenty of opportunities available in our country in the career-making field for professional life. In this sector, the most vital role-playing is the knowledge and expertise of Computer knowledge and work for students, laborers, owners, kids, old age people and etc.

At our center students are provided with comprehensive facilities for all the Higher Education Courses and Placement facilities. We are even working on the development of Software, Websites, and Applications for the business of any category with the plan to spread our network throughout the whole world through its Franchise model program to even the remote regions of the country.

A.S.P.L in the field of Computer literacy is spreading its branches as ATTORNE COMPUTER EDUCATION, playing an important role in awareness of computer education elements that support students and learners build new skills like creativity, flexibility, collaboration, communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills with positive thinking, self-confidence, and leadership amongst students of the institute for their future prospective point of view. Hence, it has enough records of creating winners after being established in the year 2019 in Hajipur, Bihar.