Desk Top Publishing
D.C.A / 10+2
Rs. 4,200

The full form of DTP is Desktop Publishing. If we come to know thoroughly about DTP, then we see that Publishing over or on the Desk means to show or to elaborate graphically on any matter over the desk of a computer screen or mobile screen. These all things can be done with the help of a monitor, laptop, printer, scanner, mouse and etc., which are kept on the Table, and with their help of them, we can design some images or graphics to publish with the help of some designing applications.

This term was first introduced in 1970 at XEROX PARC, then in 1985, when the Apple printer was introduced in January, then with that introduction DTP came to flourish in the market. Desktop publishing concept credit gave to Mr. Paul Brender who first introduced Eldas application software for designing.

DTP is the course in which different application software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Frame Maker, Adobe Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Coreldraw, Photoshop, and others applications are involved. You can be a good publisher when you become the master of DTP.

This course usually takes a period of 3-4 months to complete, which involves theory and practical both. This is a course which can be taken by anyone from 10th and above passed students, who knows how to operate the computer.

You can open your own business such as a studio, or banner designer, work in a printing press, or design a Logo.

This course can be done with a nominal fee of Rs.3000 to Rs.15000 depending upon the material and environment of the locality. Students who got expertise in DTP can earn up to Rs.10000 – Rs.100000. You can be your own master after having this course and don’t need to wait for the process of Govt. Job vacancy to earn.