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DTP stands for Desktop Publishing DTP Simply speaking, DTP uses page layout software on personal computers (desktops) or computer systems to design, build and edit documents. DTP deals mainly with the production of print publications.

More recently, DTP has also been active in the development of various online content forms.

In order to become a DTP operator, computer application expertise, relevant hardware (such as a printer) and relevant software must be acquired (page layout software). Let us think of an example. Have you ever been to a cyber/internet cafe to fill out your form? Yes, it’s a DTP case! The method involves the development of a document (form) using software for page layout!

Aspects such as typography, document layout (form) and document printing are taken care of by the DTP operator. DTP is not only limited to document processing, creation and printing.

Printing items such as posters, business cards, circulars, announcements, sign-boards, packaging products, etc. are also involved.

Eligibility criteria for DTP course

Different institutes have different eligibility criteria, some institutes have no minimum qualification but some institutes require the candidate to have cleared 8th or 10th examinations. This is the only qualification needed to be eligible for this vocational course.

DTP course covers the following subjects

  • Basics of DTP
  • Word processing
  • Relevant software
  • Basics of computer application
  • Basics of printing technology
  • Internet technology

Advantages of DTP

You must be wondering, why should you take up DTP as a vocational course, apart from the fact that it will be a great addition to your resume and will help you learn a new skill, here are some other advantages of taking a course in DTP –

The appearance of page layouts can be enhanced by balancing their contrast, color and space. Your document should be tailored according to the target audience and company If you don’t want to purchase DTP facilities, you can outsource DTP services.

Career prospects and salary after DTP

Generally, DTP operators and technicians are employed by— Agencies for ads Agencies for printing units for newspapers Firms/houses for publishing Cafes on the Internet.

In the positions listed above, roles such as printing specialist, layout editor, graphic designer, technician or typographer can be obtained.

Wages depend on variables such as your experience, work ethics, abilities, type of institution for which you work, type of employment, etc. On average, somewhere from INR 8,000 – 12,000 per month might be the starting salary.