ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED is a young, dynamic, fresh online marketing solution company situated in Hajipur with an expert team of search engine marketers, web designers and developers. Our mission is to enable businesses to build their online presence and create success stories on the Web. We offer a range of services, from Web Design and Development to SEO, Web Analytics, and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

The website is a collection of Text, Videos, and Photos. Its contents are mostly static in nature which cannot be updated most of the time. It is just like the portfolio of anything, a person, or a business. One cannot expect more functionality on a website.

The technology which can be used in making a website is WordPress, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and .Net.

There are two types of websites:

1. Static Website- Static website is a website, which contents and images never get changed until you remove that page from the site throughout the process, which means the client cannot change the data of that website until the developer itself change it. It is faster than a Dynamic website in loading time while searching because it does not communicate to the server and the data is there on that page only through the client browser.

If you want to fix your data then, you must go for a Static website, it’s cheaper in cost and takes less time in loading.

2. Dynamic Website- Dynamic websites are made for those who want to change the data anytime according to their need by updating themselves. Here data can be changed which can be in the form of Images, text and etc. It is made to offer unique content every time when visiting the website Its display changes according to a number of factors like viewer demographics. It includes two parts, i.e User part and another is Admin panel.

Web Application:

Web Application is also a type of website, but it includes more functionality features than a website. You can log in to the web application, post something, You can add some other things, and friends, and click photos through it to upload. Like Youtube, and Facebook.

The technology which is used here is very complex in making a Web Application is CSS, HTML, Javascript, .Net, Framework, server-side languages such as Python, PHP, Node, and even database knowledge.

Websites for Schools:

As we all know that after the Pandemic, everything has changed a lot, everything and everyone is trying to make online visuals of their product and belongings. Those education systems were working offline, they also came online. Through the online process, you can reach a maximum audience of students for interaction. You can generate maximum revenue through it. Your website is just like your employee which can perform as a One-man army and works 24/7 for you with a minimum expense on it than a Human being.

You can measure the performance and expense of the students and faculty from past to current.

Websites for Business:

You can show and reach your product and services to a limited audience through the offline market but on an Online platform, you can do the same throughout the country and world which helps you to generate income. On an online platform, you can reach those people who are unknown to you, and you can say that a business is successful only when it reaches unknown people or unknown people who come to know about your product.