ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED is a young, dynamic, vibrant online marketing company situated in Hajipur with an expert team of search engine marketers, web designers and developers. Our mission is to enable businesses, regardless of size, to build their online presence and create success stories on the Web. We offer a range of services, from Web Design and Development to SEO, Web Analytics, and SMO(Social Media Optimization).

ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED core team comprises highly motivated individuals with over five years of professional and consulting experience in assisting businesses of all sizes to build and grow their online presence. We are passionate about all aspects of online marketing. At ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED, we aspire to be that unique solution provider in the Internet marketing space who understands your business goals, and who will help you harness the immense potential of the Internet to ensure you achieve your goals. We have put together four types of service offerings for you, giving you the flexibility to choose a model that works best for you and suits the goals and budget of your business.

1. Complete Web Design Solutions

Our aim as a top class web design firm is to provide you with web solutions that help you leverage and utilize the power of the web to grow your business. Adroitte provides end-to-end solutions and services that can be delivered in a time-bound manner for specific activities such as SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, and Web Design and Development. This will be based on the objectives that your company wants to achieve, and the needs of the business model.

2. Custom Web Development Solutions

The online marketing and design experts will support your business in the distinct activities that need to be achieved, such as Content Development, Link Building, Web Page Design, creating Performance Dashboards and Banners, etc. Our experience, creativity, and marketing knowledge allow us to generate and convert meaningful traffic for your business.

3. Internet Marketing Consulting

ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED provides Internet marketing consulting services for the various online needs of your company, including SEO, SEM, Social Media Strategy, Business Intelligence, and Market Benchmarking, which can help you realize the full online potential of your business. In this model, we will work with you to deliver innovative solutions and plans that can be implemented at your end by your technical and business teams.

4. Virtual or Remote Assistant

We can also provide a dedicated expert resource at ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED, who will work exclusively on developing online marketing strategies that are tailor-made according to the specific requirements of your business. This model lets you utilize the services of the best in the industry at affordable rates. Your dedicated Virtual Assistant at ATTORNE ASSORTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED can create a professional online presence for your business and efficiently manage your online marketing strategies, through activities such as Content Development Services, Link Building, Web Page Design and Development, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Strategy, etc.

Software Development

Software development gives the product with features that have been planned and required for the computer software. Software development mainly referred to as a desktop application. While developing software, developers should have specific knowledge of client requirements, programming language, and end user’s usage.

  • Software development applications are client based only.
  • Software design is generally simple and straight.
  • In Software development coding can be done without script and language.
  • Developed software does not require to host.
  • Software applications are mostly strong and durable.
  • Software developed applications mainly refers to desktop applications.
  • In software development, applications are mainly developed for specific platform.
  • Software applications are mainly statics.

Web Development

A website is a group of globally accessible, interlinked web pages which have a single domain name. It can be developed and maintained by an individual, business or organization. The website aims to serve a variety of purposes. Example: Blogs.

A website is hosted on a single or multiple web server. It is accessible via a network like the Internet or a private local area network via IP address.

  • Web development applications are client server based.
  • Web design are mostly graphic design of web content
  • In web development scripting is only used for developing apps.
  • Web applications need to get hosted via internet and intranet.
  • Web application development are not much robust.
  • Web development applications refers to only web applications or websites.
  • In web development web are developed for cross platform.
  • Web applications are developed mainly for dynamic pages.

Advantages Of having a Website in today’s competitive world

It sets the first impression

When your audience visits your website, it gives them their first impression of your business. They will judge your business within seconds. In these first few seconds, you want to make a positive impact on your audience.

It sets the impression for customer service

People can judge how you will treat them by looking at your website. Your design gives them insight as to how you view your audience. Your website is like a customer service representative. If your website is bright, modern, and inviting, your audience will feel more welcome on your page.

It builds trust with your audience

People don’t trust poorly designed websites. If they see your poor design or the information looks outdated, they won’t trust your site. They may view your site as seedy or shady because you don’t have an updated web design. It’s important to build trust with your audience so they remain on your site. When visitors remain on your site longer, you create more opportunities for your business to capture those leads.

Your competitors are doing it

If you need a reason for why web design is important, here’s a big one: Your competitors are already utilizing web design. If you want to remain in competition with them, you must use web design for your site. This means you’ll lose leads to your competitors. They’ll attract more leads to their page because their page is more appealing.

It creates consistency

Online web designs are important because they help create consistency across your page. If your website is not consistent, people will bounce from yours to one that looks more professional. By building consistency, you keep leads on your page longer and get them familiar with your business.

7 important elements of quality web design

Solid navigation

Your audience doesn’t want to struggle to find information. They want to access your navigation bar and easily be directed to the information they need. If your navigation is poor, you’ll discourage your audience from engaging on your page. Your navigation should be simple and self-explanatory.

Responsive design

Responsive design ensures that your audience has a good experience on your site, regardless of the device they use. Responsive design keeps leads engaged on your page longer. If you want to have a successful website design, you must integrate responsive design.

Style guide

As we stated previously, one reason why web design is important is because it creates consistency across your entire website. Consistency helps your audience build brand recognition and keeps them engaged on your page longer. A style guide will help you keep a consistent brand image on your website.

Purposeful visuals

If you want to see success with your site, you must create a balance between images and text on your page. Don’t add visual elements for the sake of trying to increase engagement as much as possible. Use visual elements purposefully. If you have a block of text detailing your services, integrate a video below that text that explains your services further. This still gives your audience a point of interest to interact with and keeps them engaged.

Good copy

Writing good copy keeps your audience engaged on the page longer. They’ll read all your information and learn about your business. Your style of writing should align with the style of your website for consistency. The content on your site matters just as much as the overall design, so it’s necessary for you to provide your audience with valuable information they need.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

A well-designed CTA button will get your audience to proceed to the next step. These buttons fit into your design but stand out on the page. Your audience’s eye immediately goes to these buttons. If you had a color scheme of black, white, gray, and yellow, a yellow CTA button would stand out on the page compared to these other colors. It still fits with the scheme, but people will automatically be drawn towards a bright yellow button.

Page speed

Page speed is an important element of web design. It ensures that your page loads quickly, so your audience can access information fast. Your audience hates to wait for slow loading pages. If your page takes too long to load, your audience will lose interest. They will return to the search results and select a competitor’s page instead.