Diploma In Computer Application
Rs. 5,200 (including certification and other materials)

DCA stands for Diploma In Computer Application, which is a short-term course for Computer awareness and knowledge in this Digital world. This course is designed our institute to provide comprehensive and basic knowledge of Computer applications. With the passing of time, it is becoming a popular course as it can be used for both personal and professional careers. 

Many institutes complete this syllabus in 3-6 months of duration, but if you give the full time of almost 6-12 months then only you can learn it thoroughly because, in a short period of time, you cannot learn properly, and in that case, you can use that knowledge for passing the exam only and nothing else, so you must try to give your full time of 6-12 months, as our updated syllabus includes integration of A.I.

Topics which is normally covered in this course are:  

  • Introduction to Computer 
  • Operating system concepts 
  • Data Handling management system 
  • Web Designing concepts 
  • Office automation 

Pursuing DCA knowledge by students confirms that students are looking to carry their career in the field of Computer Science. The course is available in two modes: Online and Offline mode. You can choose any mode according to your preference. 

Our Teaching and guiding process includes the following strategies :
1. Students are free to ask quality question in the class related to the Topics being teaching or taught because it presents that the arising question by the students only be done when he/she is understanding the content.
2. Questions are valued because it creates a good environment, so we praise the students by crediting some points and etc.
3. We provide teaching material through diverse sources as it available on various platforms of internet in different learning and funny method.
4. We provide best assessment in transparent and non punitive way as it is an integral part of teaching which reflects the understanding of the subject.
5. We are not providing only theories as without hands on practical, the learning stands incomplete, so we are providing practical class even to get the concept clear.
6. We are not putting a limit to the success criteria to the student’s imagination power, because in proper learning environment, students should develop the maturity to set a goal for themselves and define success accordingly.
7. We are even showing time to time Video tutorials with the concerned topics like Thematic videos, Technological Videos with illustrative materials, because interesting and interactive training videos are likely to be in demand in higher education as well which is convenient for both students and teachers.
8. We are even providing Podcasts to the students so that it will help them learning in any environment enjoying his/her work by listening to the lecture instead of listening or watching songs or movies.
9. We are also promoting and encouraging students to do more self-study at home due to environment created by Infections in outside home environment.

After completing this course, some of the most popular career options for students are : 

  • Computer Operator
  • Web Designer assistant
  •  Accountant Assistant
  • Data Entry Operator

This is the most popular demanded course in the Government Job sector. Our completed Certification is valid for every post demanded by the Government.