In the 21st century, an ability to work with information and communication technologies is becoming as essential to education, life and workplace success as “reading, writing and arithmetic”. Information Communication Technology (ICT) has an extensive horizon and includes all the technologies used for communication of information. These include devices such as computers, internet and intranet, local and wide area networks (wired and wireless), voice mail, e-mail, audio visual systems, compact discs and video discs, broadcast receiving systems and telecommunication systems, media, printed media, virtual learning centers, instructional software, education television, satellite communication, cable TV, conventional and interactive radio used in teaching and learning. In this century it has become mandatory that everyone must have a basic understanding of ICT and must learn to make productive use of it, in-order to be good students and employable workers. Hence, it is necessary for teaching fraternity to make a conscious effort and devise curriculum to impart valuable knowledge and skills required for computing and communications devices ie, software that operates them, applications that run on them and systems that are built with them. Be it e-learning, blended learning or distant learning ICT has completely penetrated in school education and has brought a major transformation in teaching and learning process. It has become an integral and indispensable part of modern education system. Recognizing the potential value of ICT in education. We wants to ensure proper integration of ICT in schools and its use in pedagogy. I am happy to release Information and communication Technology concepts through our institute and centers. I would like to express my deep appreciation to the text book development team for their contribution.

On the other hand we provide some benefits to the students which are as follows :

  • Personalized attention
  • Customized study methods
  • Increased Confidence
  • Exam and Interview strategies and techniques
  • In order to stay on Top in this competitive world, students gets a new studying style in depth explanation

We are always trying to encourage our students to learn by making them able to learn other than regular way as playing our educational games. They are fun, interactive, and accessible from any Internet-ready computer. We reviewed each of these games to make sure that we provide students with skill development and critical thinking sequences.

In the age of Competition our Institute has become brain booster for students to stay ahead in the race. We offer additional academic help and attention that a student’s lacks in school and home study. We provide you the chance to explore new learning skills. We also offer’s one on one attention that will speed up your learning attitude process and help you grasp the complex concepts quickly.

We teach more than reading out texts, dictating a passage, deriving a formula or explaining a definition.

An overall positive teaching constitutes :

  • A healthy learning environment
  • An effective teaching strategy
  • Students actively participating in and out of the classroom We are doing this because teaching strategy, in all, plays the most vital role in converting the teaching input to output that shows up in the form of student’s take away

Our Teaching and guiding process includes the following strategies :

1.Students are free to ask quality question in the class related to the Topics being teaching or taught because it presents that the arising question by the students only be done when he/she is understanding the content.

2. Questions are valued because it creates a good environment, so we praise the students by crediting some points and etc.

3. We provide teaching material through diverse sources as it available on various platforms of internet in different learning and funny method.

4. We provide best assessment in transparent and non punitive way as it is an integral part of teaching which reflects the understanding of the subject.

5. We are not providing only theories as without hands on practical, the learning stands incomplete, so we are providing practical class even to get the concept clear. 6. We are not putting a limit to the success criteria to the student’s imagination power, because in proper learning environment, students should develop the maturity to set a goal for themselves and define success accordingly.

7. We are even showing time to time Video tutorials with the concerned topics like Thematic videos, Technological Videos with illustrative materials, because interesting and interactive training videos are likely to be in demand in higher education as well which is convenient for both students and teachers.

8. We are even providing Podcasts to the students so that it will help them learning in any environment enjoying his/her work by listening to the lecture instead of listening or watching songs or movies.

9. We are also promoting and encouraging students to do more self studies at home due to environment created by Infections in outside home environment.