ATTORNE COMPUTER EDUCATION is consistently working for excellence in the sector of computer and I.T education which is having a perfect strategy for creating winners in the Educational and career-making field and in the business sector even by providing an online platform. This organization and Institute was founded in the year 2019, in Hajipur, Vaishali. Bihar. We want to provide international educational quality to our students so that we can produce world-class Computer literates for whom the sky will be the only limit for progress no matter in which part of the world they are.

Our professionals are trained in modern trends and current market needs. We are serious about the student, client, and associate satisfaction. Our software development team virtually acts like your extended team, reducing your time to market your products and services to your clients and customers.

We are having top training courses in India and also get a 100 percent job guarantee and placement assistance for the trained candidates here. Our training institute also provides a number of certification courses under the guidance of the best & experienced faculties. ATTORNE at Hajipur is one of the leading Educational consultants for higher education in Hajipur. Our approach focuses on delivering a complete solution to educational needs. Our support team is always available for our clients to guide them into a delightful deck creation experience.

Our support team is always available for our clients to guide them into delightful deck creation experience.