Providing quality education to the children imandate for the institutes to make india a developed country. It is not only the private organisations responsibility but also the government responsibilty to impart quality education. It is indeed one of the important components for moving the country forward as private schools add to the changing economy of the country.

There is a need of quality education in the developing country like India. Computer literacy, language development, preparation for different competitive examinations comprises of quality education, which must to be impart in the students, which is not available in government organizations and then students starts preferring to opt for the private organizations.

India is the 2nd most populous country in the world. There is around 125 crore population and we are moving towards the 1st place in near future. Then if the human resources are utilized properly, definitely India will become a developed country. Providing quality education to the institutes going children should be the government responsibility. How-ever government has its own limitations, and even state governments schools are facing lot of problems and do not have proper monitoring mechanism. Most of them are of regional language schools which are not helpful for the students and parents, no one shows interests to adopt new technology and there is lack of competitions. Therefore, private organizations have taken the responsibilities of providing quality education even to the cities.

Every child has the right to access safe, quality education. However, 124 million children across the world are out of school and 25 million are not learning basic skills as a result of poor quality education. We promote free, equal access to quality education for all children from early learning to secondary education. We work with children, their families, communities, wider society and governments, and advocate at both local and international levels, so that all children are able to get an education.

The government institutes or public institutes are often too crowded with students, poorly organized, underfunded because of priorities, resource poor and have teachers who are stretched to their limits, over worked, under paid and regimented by a bureaucracy of inept administrators and supervisors. The debate between the comparison of private and government educational institutes will go on till eternity. Both have their significance in their respective fields. Both types of institutes have much to nurture and reproduce the future champions of India.


Our institutes have better infrastructure required for the physical and mental development of the child. They can help with the required facilities for the students to learn their lessons in a better way. The infrastructure can help them to have a practical approach to education. We are better in student’s approach towards psychological development of the children and there concerned ones.

Our institutes maintain better hygiene and environment which could safeguard the health of the students.

The education imparted in the institutes are more of audio visual now a days with emergence of computer into the learning. We just makes the students professionally trained according to today’s world, so that they can set their future as ever had imagined, Students can learn and civilized on our modern approach which is of demand in the MNC’s culture, feeding many of us in present.


Government institutes are affordable and they provide the minimum required infrastructure to meet the basic needs.

Policies like FREE AND COMPULSORY EDUCATION, and Education to the girl child, are made little bit possible in government institutes, but due to this free policies the mental status of children does not set their goals to achieve their target.

Government schools also provide the basic sports facilities and physical education to the students, which normally not available due to concerned faculty. Although Government schools provides good salary to their teaching and management faculties.


Private organizations are definitely better than government organizations as they would provide better infrastructure, better teacher to student ratio, have a clean and hygienic facility, provide better environment for the students with options of personality development and extracurricular activities. Government organizations may not be able to offer all these features but for those who cannot afford private organizations, getting their children in government which is better than no schooling at all in current competitive environment.

We cannot change the system of Government organizations as we all are very much familiar about the channel they had made for simple or normal people, because everyone seating there on government provided post chair were just meant to take only limited steps on the name of responsibility due to which any process takes longer time to get rectified and they don’t target themselves how to educate children, but if we talk about the private channel then we can see that there is always a boss standing on the head of the employee for not making mistakes as they can be fired from their post if found guilty which is not possible in the government sector. So, in order to learn or gain something we can change the suffocated rules by a little bit of effort and can learn educate the system with the help of private organizations.